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Inflation Busting Brewing…

Yes, everyone is feeling the pinch on their household expenses, mortgage payments, utilities, and of course hobbies. Now we all know how to brew beer, but did you know there are so many ways we can make beer that can avoid paying bottle shop prices for the craft beer we all love?

Let's start with the time-poor solution. 1x All-in-Brewing Hazy IPA fresh wort kit $58.95 Either; 1x Lallemand New England ale yeast 11gm $6.95 or 1x Lallemand Verdant IPA ale yeast 11gm $6.95 Add some recommended Hops like Sabro, El Dorado & Azzaca for a full Juice Bomb like our favorite craft breweries offer in a NEIPA and Hazy style Sabro 100gm $9.95 El Dorado 100gm $9.95 Azzaca 100gm $9.95 For the more committed hobbiest, All Grain brewing does take more time but does come with advantageous cost and flexibility. At some point, a home brewer dabbles with grain…

To replicate the Style above; 5.1kg of Coopers Pale Ale Malt ($0.50/100gm) 0.8kg of Gladfield BigO Oats ($0.50/100gm) 0.8kg of Blue Lake Rolled Oats ($0.40/100gm) 0.5kg of Gladfield Chit Malt ($0.50/100gm) 0.3kg of Gladfield Vienna Malt ($0.40/100gm) 0.1kg of Gladfield Acidulated Malt ($0.70/100gm) The same suspects for Hops and yeast Comparing the pair of juicy, hazy IPAs with Popular breweries in these styles from Dan Murphy’s, highlights just how this hobby helps the back pocket. Per Litre Cost; Hazy IPA Fresh Wort Kit $ 5.04/L Hazy IPA All Grain $ 3.89/L Hope Estate Tropical* $21.06/L Stockade Brew Co Fruju* $11.65/L Capital Brew Co Hang Loose* $12.33/L Mountain Culture Status Quo* $12.50/L Balter Hazy IPA* $12.33/L Black Hops G.O.A.T* $13.17/L *note; Pricing obtained from Dan Murphy’s Online 21/3/2023

Our thoughts

Every homebrewer or beer enthusiast enjoys a cold beer with the convenience of draught dispensing. Ice-cold beer can now go anywhere with you. It has made homebrewing easier and allowed for a more consistent approach to the quality of the brew made.

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Happy to say, I've saved at least $150 from one batch of a hazy that closely resembles that mountain culture status quo. All grain all the way!

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