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Meet our Citra Pale Ale, taste tested and with a stamp of approval from 41 Pints. Find the link to our Brewfather recipe!

Citra Pale Ale Recipe
Brewfather Recipe Screen Shot

The recipe provided is for a 5.4% ABV Citra Pale Ale, which is an American Pale Ale style beer. It's crafted for a 21 L batch size using a BrewZilla 35L Gen4 brewing system. The recipe details an all-grain process with a brewhouse efficiency of 76.4% and mash efficiency of 80%.

Key ingredients include:

The mash profile is designed for high fermentability, starting with a strike temperature of 68.7 °C and a mash temperature of 64 °C for 60 minutes. The fermentation is done at 20 °C with a hoppy water profile to enhance the beer's crisp and refreshing character, which is emphasized by the Citra hops' citrus zing.

The recipe also includes specific water chemistry adjustments using Calcium Chloride, Epsom Salt, and Gypsum to target a mash pH of 5.53 and an SO/Cl ratio of 5.1, ideal for hop-forward beers.

The Citra Pale Ale is described as "smashable," meaning it's easy to drink, with distinctive aromas and a perfect mix of flavor and drinkability.

For more information or to purchase a kit for this recipe, a link to the website of 41 Pints of Beer is provided.

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