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Brew Kit Refillable Gas Tanks and Accessories

If you need good quality refillable gas tanks for your CO2, we have you covered. We can send both empty and full CO2 tanks across the country but we have to use a suitable carrier for full tanks as they cannot be sent by Australia Post. All of the tanks we sell are Australian Standard Approved and are safe to use in the home when handled properly. Check out our stock and if you have any questions, call or email us whenever you want.

CO2 Gas Cylinder Refill Service

If you’re in or around Sydney, you’re welcome to visit our North Rocks store and take advantage of our CO2 gas cylinder refill service. Unfortunately, we can’t offer this service to our postal customers but it should be easy for you to find a local firm that can fill the Australian Standard Approved refillable gas tanks we sell.


    Brew Kit Refillable Gas Tanks and All the Accessories You Need

    In addition to our range of brew kit refillable gas tanks, we also carry a comprehensive selection of accessories covering everything you might need when brewing beer in Australia. Whether you need a quality CO2 gas regulator, a new gauge guard, a filling adaptor, a wrench or a pressure relief valve for your keg lids, you’ll find what you need in the CO2 gas cylinders and accessories section of our online store.

    Safety Tips for Our Brew Kit Refillable Gas Tanks

    If you’re not within an easy drive of our North Rocks store, please make sure that you only have your tanks refilled by a reputable supplier in your part of the country. Whether you’re using 6KG refillable gas tanks or 16KG refillable gas tanks, make sure that you keep them upright once you’ve fitted a regulator or you could damage it beyond repair.


    You can order your refillable gas tanks from our online store right now or pop into the store for our CO2 gas cylinder refill service if you’re in the area. If you need any assistance, feel free to call or email as we’re always happy to help out.

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