What We’re All About

We were founded May 2019 and our mission is to become a household brand that both new and experienced brewers rely on to produce their quality beers. We are all about finding the best prices in the market from all the biggest suppliers and bringing that to you in one convenient place. 

Starting online in the living room of our apartment in Parramatta we later moved to a double garage in Baulkham Hills in order to provide our Customers with a physical presence to allow them to browse through our ever growing product catalogue. It is our aim to move into a warehouse space by end 2020. 

What’s behind our name?

The name 41 Pints comes from the standard keg size of 19.5l converted into pints. 


Meet Thomas

Originating from South Africa, Thomas moved to Australia in January 2019 with his wife and son to be able to provide a better life for his family. After settling his family into their new life he started looking into opportunities  to pursue, all while brewing his own beer. Then it hit him - why not do what you love and open a beer supply store! That’s when he put his audit,logistics and finance background into use and 41 Pints was born.  

About Us


7 / 434 Windsors Road

Baulkham hills, 22153


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