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Using your Brewing Cleaners around the Home

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

For those that don't know, we moved to our new premises at Loyalty Road, North Rocks in July and have been occupied with getting the store shelved and stocked. This means that we have been quiet on the blogging side - apologies!

So we have 4 main cleaning supplies that we sell:

I use around the house when my kitchen spray runs out.

I use with our stainless steel pots that have been burnt. This is also an extremely efficient degreaser for pans and staineless BBQ's. Please remember that these are powerful cleaning agent and warning should be adhered too.

This is great as a stainless steel pacifier for the removal of rust.

Cleaning your kettle will never be this easy! Add 4ml into a full kettle and switch it on to boil. Watch as the phosphoric acid cleans your kettle like magic. Remember to empty the kettle after!!

At this point, this article should probably have been called 'Uses for phosphoric acid'. Another interesting use is cleaning out mineral build-up at the bottom of an old toilet. See photos below:

See how well it worked in our kettle:

Some reports have suggested that almost 80 percent of the phosphoric acid that is produced is used in the production of fertilizer. Also a great use in an aquaponics system for minerals that your plants need.

Is great for washing your glasses out to ensure that your beer HEAD stays longer. We have also been told of using StellaOxy to make washing machine soap. Keep an eye out here for the recipe!!

If you would like to see our Cleaning and Sanitising page click here.

I hope you found some of this useful. If you have used it for something not mentioned above drop us an email or leave a comment below.

Chat again soon.

Kind Regards

Thomas Swanepoel [Owner] Cell: (+61) 0433 707 522

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