Styrian Goldings Hops 100g

Styrian Goldings Hops 100g

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Styrian Golding Hops, also called Savinja Golding, is a traditional hop grown primarily in Slovenia, and also Austria. Styrian Goldings hops is not of the Golding heritage, instead Styrian Golding is a form of Fuggle Hops and carries much of its attributes. This variety was the major hops crop for Styria (Austrian state bordering Slovenia). Styrian Golding Hops is an aroma variety that has a low alpha acid content of 4.5%-6.0%.


This well established traditional variety offers a delicate bitterness with a distinctive flavor and aroma. The oils show moderate myrcene and caryophyllene levels. The humulene oil registers on the high side at 34.0%-38.0%, and helps provide for some of the spicy character of Styrian Golding. Farnesene oil also makes its mark, its low although present, and help to make this variety ideal for finishing additions.


Alpha Acid: 2.5%

Characteristics: Resinous and earthy with hints of white pepper
Beer styles: Belgian-Style Ales, Extra Special Bitter (ESB), Summer Ale, Bitter, Spring Ale, English Ale, Pale Ale, Oktoberfest (Marzen), Barley Wine, Christmas Ale
Similar Hops: Fuggle, Willamette, Bobek
Purpose: Aroma

Crop Year: 2019

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