Still Spirits Turbo Clear Finings

Still Spirits Turbo Clear Finings

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Transform your alcohol quality! Turbo Clear is added directly into your turbo wash and within 24 hours removes over 95% of the yeast cells, solids and other compounds from the wash. If Turbo Clear is not used then yeast cells will break open during the boiling process releasing off flavor and smell into your distillate but also impurities absorbed by fermentation clay's and carbons will be released back into the distillate. For the very best alcohol QUALITY use Turbo clear in every wash and rack before distillation.

Simply stir vigorously to release gases, Add PART A making sure to stir thoroughly. Let sit for one one hour and then add PART B. To add PART B, stir only the very top of the wash to distribute the solution. Do not stir up the whole wash again.

24 hours later you will have a super clean wash to distill. Not only will this make for cleaner alcohol but will also minimize maintenance and replacement of still parts that attract the build up of "dirty washes" when distilling.


This product is best used in conjunction with Still Spirits Turbo Carbon for the cleanest fermentation and wash.

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