Ginger Beer Kit
  • Ginger Beer Kit

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    Handcraft your very own delicious alcoholic or non-alcoholic* Ginger Beer the old-fashioned way with the Mad Millie Ginger Beer Kit! Perfect for beginner brewers or those who want to experiment and perfect their old-fashioned ginger beer brewing.


    Designed to be used in any kitchen, the Mad Millie Ginger Beer Kit contains everything you need to make delicious ginger beer from scratch, using ginger, brown sugar, fresh lemon juice, ginger beer yeast, and water.


    Fresh, no additives and nothing artificial!


    Gluten-Free – Dairy-Free – Vegan – No Artificial Flavours – No Preservatives


    - 8 Ingredients & supplies to make your own alcoholic & non-alcoholic* old fashioned ginger beer
    - 1-hour hands-on time
    - Ready in 3 weeks
    - Kit makes 6 x 750 mL (25 US fl oz) bottles each brew


    *bottles not included

    Click here to purchase bottles separately, enough for two batches.


    Ingredients: 15g Dried Ginger; 5g Ginger Beer Yeast & Nutrient.

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