Ale Malt (Gladfield)
  • Ale Malt (Gladfield)

    Our Ale Malt is grown from plump, low protein Autumn barley varieties and is one of our most popular base malts. Ale Malt is highly friable but the soluble nitrogen ratios are kept relatively low to enhance mouthfeel and head retention when brewed.


    This Malt has been fully modifiedthrough a traditional long cool germination resulting in higher extractpotential. This type of modification helps eliminate haze issues in thebeer. The kilning regime gives a ndice toasty character to the malt andmakes it perfect to use to brew a traditional English style. Toasty malt character. Similiar to a traditional pale ale malt.


    EBC: 5.0 - 6.0

    EXTRACT: MIN 79.0


    • Weight is dependent on your selection:

      For example if you want 4.2 kg:

      Select 100g and 42 units.


    • Packaging

      We will endeavour to place your order into a single package, however due to vacuum packaging, the maximum we can fit into a bag is approximately 2.5 kg's. This helps keep your grains fresher for longer and allows for the dimensions to fit into the standard boxes used for delivery.

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