5L Demijohn - Glass Bottle (1 gallon)

5L Demijohn - Glass Bottle (1 gallon)

SKU: KL12850

5L Demijohn - Glass Bottle (1 gallon)


This demijohn can be used for fermenting small batches, storage for low wines, mascerating or storing your final spirit. Can also be used for multiple applications e.g. grappa, wine, port ect.. 

Please note do not use boiling water followed by super cold iced water, it will crack / break. It is not borosilicate glass.

28mm Opening - Corresponding Silicone Bungs For Fermenting / Storage (25mm-38mm)
Swing Top Compatible sold seperately
5 Litre Capacity
Clear Glass
Easy Carry Neck Loop
No Basket attatchments available
No Tap


Please note there is a higher risk when shipping these units across Australia. We will endeavour to pack your demijohn with the highest care. In the unlikely event that the shipping carrier breaks you fragile item. Please contact us immediately to lodge a claim.

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