• Wheat Crystal (Joe White)

    Produced in a similar way to crystal barley malt, wheat crystal has a sweet taste, with caramel, toffee flavours. It adds colour and improves body and foam stability.


    EBC: 100 - 150.0

    EXTRACT: MIN 75.0

    MALTED: Yes

    GRAIN / CEREAL: Wheat

    • Weight is dependent on your selection:

      For example if you want 4.2 kg:


      Select 100g and 42 units.


    • Packaging

      We will endeavour to place your order into a single package, however due to vacuum packaging, the maximum we can fit into a bag is approximately 2.5 kg's. This helps keep your grains fresher for longer and allows for the dimensions to fit into the standard boxes used for delivery.

    $3.50 Regular Price
    $2.45Sale Price
    Milled or Unmilled