Comet Hops [US]

Comet Hops [US]

Tones of subtle "wild American" grassy and grapefruit.




ALPHA ACIDS (%): 9.7%

BETA ACIDS (%): 4 - 5%

CO-HUM (%): 34 - 37%

TOTAL OILS (%): 1.2 - 2%


Crop Year 2019

T-90 hop pellets are produced from kiln-dried, whole leaf hop cones which have been hammer-milled into a uniform powder and achieve a consistent density for repeatable brewing, batch after batch.


Production processes are designed to protect and preserve hop resins by continually monitoring temperature and cooling the pellet die. Hop pellets retain all of their natural lupulin and cone material, and can be used as a full replacement for whole hops having a longer shelf life, requiring less storage space, and generally being easier to handle.


T-90 hop pellets can be made from any hop variety.


Add the T-90 hop pellets into wort before or early into kettle boil for bitterness and the best utilization of alpha acid. Add aroma varieties late in kettle boil to maximize the aroma properties of beer. T-90 hop pellets can be added into the brew kettle during kettle boil loose, or via custom designed dosing systems. T-90 hop pellets can also be used for dry hopping during fermentation. Addition during early kettle boil to achieve average bitterness in high gravity wort/beer will typically lead to the extraction


Use rates may vary depending on the brewing process and the desired hopping level Addition during kettle boil to provide bitterness and/or aroma are dependent on the time of addition and the desired hop during or post-fermentation to reinforce aroma in beer are also determined on a case by case basis. T-90 hop pellets are primarily used in kettle additions to provide bitterness and hop character to beer, or in T-90 hop pellets leads to improved trub formation and wort sterilization.


Storage stability does vary per variety and can be negatively affected by exposure to oxygen, heat and/or light. T-90 hop pellets are packaged inside polyethylene pouches and/or metallic polyester foils


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