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The hop bomb is the perfect solution for containing your hops or spices in the boil or in the keg. These hop bombs can fit up to 30g of pelletised hops, this is about half of the ball. We recommend leaving just enough space for free movement of the hops / spices / hop flowers to allow maximum extraction.
We've made it simple and attached a 40cm chain to the hop bomb so it can sit idly in your keg or dangle from your RoboBrew / Brew Kettle. 

All of our 19L Premium Brand New Kegs come with a tab on the underside of the Keg Lid to attach these hop bombs to.

Specifications: Made from: 304 Grade Stainless Steel 
Bomb Size: approximately 70mm diameter 
Chain Length: approximately 40cm

If you're after something bigger, we do stock the Hop Tubes, which can fit up to 150g of pelletised hops. This also fits in the 19L Corny keg opening, and Ideal for Kegmenters and fermrentasaurus'. Or any Hop Head!

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