Signature Joe White Brewers Malt
  • Signature Joe White Brewers Malt

    Signature Malt is a no-compromise malt designed from start to fi nish specifi cally for Australian craft breweries. It starts by selecting the best barley in the country from the best performing region. In this inaugural year we have selected LaTrobe barley from a single farm in NSW. Working to a redesigned specifi cation, this parcel of barley will be malted in one plant by a dedicated team of maltsters. By eliminating or controlling as many variables as possible we ensure that Signature Malt delivers an extra level of performance and reliability.


    What is Signature Malt? 

    The aim of Signature Malt is to deliver Australia’s best malt each season. This year the Signature barley was discovered in a small area in the Tasmanian midlands and malted in Joe White’s Devonport Plant. The end product is a beautiful, plump, consistent malt that reflects the perfect growing conditions that parts of Tasmania saw in 2018. 



    EBC: 3.0 - 4.0

    EXTRACT: MIN 80.5




    • Weight is dependent on your selection:

      For example if you want 4.2 kg:


      Select 100g and 42 units.


    • Packaging

      We will endeavour to place your order into a single package, however due to vacuum packaging, the maximum we can fit into a bag is approximately 2.5 kg's. This helps keep your grains fresher for longer and allows for the dimensions to fit into the standard boxes used for delivery.

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