Rapid Descent: Strong Ale  [All Inn Brewing Fresh Wort Kit]

Rapid Descent: Strong Ale [All Inn Brewing Fresh Wort Kit]




DESCRIPTION: Real depth of flavour, with an edge of burnt sugar from dark crystal malt to serve as counterweight to the solid bitterness and aromatic buoyancy of American hops.


BEER STYLE: Strong Ale


RANGE: Seasonal


ABV: 5.9%


Suggested Yeast: American Ale US-05, BRY-97, WLP001, Wyeast 1056


Suggested Hops:  Chinook (50g)



  • Clean and sanitise your fermentation vessel.
  • Pour the FWK cube into the fermenter
  • Add 5 liters of sanitary water at room temperature to bring volume to 20L if desired 
  • Pitch yeast as per your yeast packet
  • Add dry hop near or at end of fermentation, dry hop approximately 3 days before bottling or kegging.
  • Once fermentation is complete crash chill if lucky enough and bottle/keg, carbonate, and condition [conditioning usually takes between 1 week and 5 weeks, depending on style]
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