Quick Disconnect (K-Lok) Intertap duotight SS Short Shank (duotight compatible)
  • Quick Disconnect (K-Lok) Intertap duotight SS Short Shank (duotight compatible)

    SKU: KL13758

    These can be modified on your existing Keg Master Series 4 or Series X KegLand Kegerator or the KegLand Modular 76 Series Fonts. Ideal for those who wish to remove their taps for servicing easily, or in high traffic areas where the taps may be pulled on by those not old enough to drink!
    This short shank is not compatible with the Intertap Auto Close Spring.

    Forget heating your hose in boiling water and stretching it over a barb. It's time-consuming, frustrating and just not worth your time. Get on the duotight train and never look back. Fast, effective and reliable! This duotight is compatible with our 6.5mm x 8mm duotight reducer as well as the 6.5mm x 9.5mm duotight reducer.
    Most commonly the 6.5 x 8mm is used due to 4mm and 5mm ID being the most popular for short draw systems.

    If you still want to do the old school method of stepless clamps, good news! You can. Just heat up the hose in boiling water and the tip of your needle nose pliers and have at it.
    These short shanks are suitable to attach taps to our Kegerator fonts and Modular 76 Series Fonts. Please note they stick out further than the standard Short Shanks (please see photo for reference)
    These short shanks can be used to replace the short shank on any 3" diameter tower.

    Item Includes:
    - Stainless Steel Shank with a 6.5mm duotight compatible barb.
    - K-Lok Female Quick Disconnect
    - 5/8" White Concave washer
    - 5/8" Silver Concave washer
    - 5/8" Stainless Nut

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