Neoprene Corny Keg Parka / Jacket / Cover for 19L Kegs

Neoprene Corny Keg Parka / Jacket / Cover for 19L Kegs

SKU: KL02912

Made of durable thick neoprene.

Our Neoprene Parkas will keep your kegs icy cold for hours without the need for a bucket of ice. They're also great for having on all the time if you're worried about scratches. Keep them shiny!

Ideal for the travelling dispenser, picnics, parties or attached to your back like a jetpack.

Throw some ice packs down the sides of the parka to keep it extra cold for longer.

Sizes available: 
- 19 Litre 60cm high

Note: They will fit any kegs that are between 20-24cm in diameter. So the large and in charge short Pin Locks and Ball lock kegs will fit this bad boy.

*19L Ball Lock Keg Sold Separately* 

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