• Mini All-In-One Regulator/Charger with PRV

    This versatile mini regulator can be used with either a large (2.6kg) CO2 cylinder or the mini 16g CO2 bulbs. They are a high-quality regulator with better performance than the mini regulated charger. Switch to a barbed connection if using for the bottle. Otherwise use the MFL connection on a Gas Disconnect for greater mobility.

    Unable to attach on 6.0kg Cylinders due to bracket holder.

    The regulator comes with two attachments for the outlet of the regulator so it can be threaded onto a MFL disconnect to attach directly to a keg or a barb attachment to attach a 5mm ID gas line making it one of the most versatile CO2 regulators on the market.

    Includes a low profile output pressure gauge and pressure relief valve, these regulators can be used up to 15psi+-2

    Does not include gas ball lock mfl disconnect as seen in photo, or CO2 16g bulbs.