Master Blaster Bottle Washer
  • Master Blaster Bottle Washer

    SKU: KL13062

    Clean / Sanitise blast your Glass bottles like the master brewer that you are! Can also be used with PET Bottles but you will need a Stainless Steel 3/8" Washer or Stainless Steel 3/8" Nut as the neck/mouth of PET bottles are much wider than glass. Please see pictures for 3/8" Nut / Washer Placement.

    This Master Blaster Bottle Washer can be used on top of our Super Duper Bottle Tree (63) in place of the handle.

    For cleaning heavily soiled bottles we recommend using 1L of warm water and half a scoop StellarClean (Gloves needed). Rinse as much as required, 

    Recommended Additional Purchase
    1 x 3/8" Lock Nut (If you want to wash PET Plastic Bottles)
    1 x 500mL StellarSan
    1 x 3L Brewers Measuring Jug

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