Keg Master Series X - Quadruple Tap Kegerator Premium Bundle - with Gas, Kegs, Disconnects, and Cleaners (PLEASE CONTACT US DIRECTLY FOR THIS SPECIAL ORDER ITEM)


    The future is here, the all-new KegLand designed Keg Master Series X. The pinnacle standard of home beverage dispensing! Complete with EVABarrier Dual Walled beer and gas hose. Featuring all duotight compatible push-in fittings and the latest MK4 Regulator. 

    You've heard the words. Those words are Series X and KegLand. Followed by FOUR KEGS! That's right, fit a whopping four 19L Ball Lock Kegs inside this absolute pinnacle of home bar setups. This is a grouped bundle to showcase what exactly can be put together to make up an affordable Kegerator with the latest and greatest homebrew technology.

    Improved Features compared to the Series 4
    - 10% More Energy Efficient
    - 15% Faster Cooling
    - 40% Thicker Side Walls
    - 25% Larger Condenser
    - 30% Larger Evaporator
    - FITS 4 KEGS!

    This Bundle Comprises of the following Products: 

    Keg Master Series X - Kegerator Base Fridge with Regulator
    - 1 x Keg Master Series X Kegerator Fridge with Font Fan Switch
    - 1 x HoneyComb Reinforced Black Plastic Drip Tray
    - 1 x Stainless Steel Guard Rail
    - 1 x Font Plug
    - 1 x Reinforced four-point anchored castor wheels with bolts. (2 Locking, 2 Non-Lockable)
    - 1 x CO2 Cylinder Bracket Holder for 2.6kg Cylinder (does not fit 6.0kg bottle)

    Quadruple ( FOUR / 4 ) Tap Font Kit
    Includes:1. Quadruple Tap - Brushed Stainless Steel Font
    - 4 x duotight Compatible Short Shank
    - 4 x 6.5mm x 8mm duotight reducer for short shank
    - 4 x Black Plastic Tap Handle
    - 2 x Extended - 4mm ID x 8mm OD Evabarrier Beer Lines (recommended to cut between 1.5m to 2.0m per liquid line)
    - 1 x Extended line 5mm ID x 8mm OD Evabarrier Gas Line
    - 3 x duotight 8mm Tee Piece to split gas
    - 4 x Metric M5 stainless screws to secure the font to the fridge

    1 x Font Seal / Gasket (Suits: Quadruple, Triple, Double, Single Brushed Fonts)
    4 x Intertap - Stainless Steel Forward Sealing Taps
    1 x 2.6kg CO2 Cylinder OR swap it out for a 6.0kg CO2 Cylinder
    0 x Brand New 19L Ball Lock Kegs (10-year warranty) Out of stock
    4 x Premium Plastic Ball Lock Disconnect with MFL Thread (Black Liquid)
    4 x Premium Plastic Ball Lock Disconnect with MFL THread (Grey Gas)
    10 x duotight FFL x 8mm push-in fittings (this can also be used on your MK4 regulator)
    1 x 1kg StellarClean
    1 x 500mL StellarSan

    - 600mm Wide
    - 665mm Deep
    - 840mm Height
    - 890mm Height of the fridge part (including castor wheels but excluding the height of guard rail, drip tray or font)

    • Specification:

      Are you looking for an awesome single vessel brewery to do double batches?  The BrewZilla is the answer.


      This brewery is the next generation of Robobrew units and its been made with various improvements to electronics, components, handle design and many other aspects.


      BrewZilla Gen 3.1 Extended Warranty - 3 YEARS
      ALL BREWZILLA Gen 3.1 units sold in Australia have extended 3 year warranty!  Yes that's right.  This is the longest warranty out of any single vessel brewery.


      This very capable 15amp brewery has over 3kw of power so you can get up to boil in no time.

      Ultra Low Watt Density 
      This brewery has been made with ultra low watt density elements.  This means less caramelisation and also makes this brewery capable of producing very light beers with very little maillard effect.  This is also particularly good with high gravity beers or barley lines that can sometimes get some degree of scortching in other breweries with higher watt density.  The lower watt density also means the elements are much easier to clean.

      Easy to Use
      This is the easiest 65L brewery on the market and it's dead simple to use.  Even if you have never all grain brewed before you will pick it up in no time with this fantastic single vessel brewery.

      Easy to Clean
      Cleaning is one of the worst parts about all grain brewing but single vessle breweries like this minimise this pain and make it fast to clean up.

      Lets face it, we could all do with more storage space.  This single vessel brewery packs up into a box that is 60cm x 60cm x 85cm tall so it only takes up a small space in your garage.  You wont find a more compact brewery of this brewing capacity anywhere else.

      Warrant and Customer Service
      Backed by KegLand customer service and full back to base warranty.  We price ourselves on our high level of customer service and as a result we have many happy customers to show for it.  If you not only want a great value brewery but also fantastic after sales support then look no further.

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