Golden Promise (Simpson)

Golden Promise (Simpson)

2-row Spring barley that is the Scottish equivalent for Maris Otter. A sweet and clean malt with a depth of flavour that makes it the ideal base malt for both UK and US-style IPA's.


EBC: 2.8 - 4.0





Packaging: Mixed or Unmixed 

Mixed packaging: Your order with multiple grains will be milled and packaged together.

Unmixed packaging: Your order with multiple grains will be milled and packaged seperately. 



  • Weight is dependent on your selection:

    For example if you want 4.2 kg:


    Select 100g and 42 units.


  • Packaging

    We will endeavour to place your order into a single package, however due to vacuum packaging, the maximum we can fit into a bag is approximately 2.5 kg's. This helps keep your grains fresher for longer and allows for the dimensions to fit into the standard boxes used for delivery.

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