Gin Botanicals is a range that allows you to create your very own blend of homemade gin!


The Gin Botanicals Kit is a blend of juniper berries, coriander seeds, citrus peels, liquorice root and rosemary to distil gin and enjoy any way you like.


Ingredients Juniper berries (minimum 65%), dried citrus peels (lemon, orange), coriander seeds, liquorice root, rosemary (2.4%).

  • Method 1: Inline Basket

    By simply attaching your Botanical Basket (Air Still Infusions Basket with the Air still) to your Air Still, Alembic, or Reflux still and adding your Gin Botanicals packet of ingredients, you can make this beautiful homemade gin style!

    Please note: Use 30 - 35 g of Gin Botanicals when using the Air still and remove saddles first if using a Turbo 500 Condenser.


    Consult the Botanical Basket Instructions for detailed information on how to use botanicals with your distilling system.

  • Method 2: Maceration after fermentation

    Place your botanicals into the fermenter (15 - 20L) after fermentation has completed for 24 to 48 hours for when alcohol acts as a solvent to extract color, tannins, and aroma from the blend of botanicals. 

  • Method 3: Soaking in spirit (Recommended)

    After your distillation soak your botanicals in 40% ABV alcohol for 24 to 48 hours or to your liking. Strain botanicals out when this is complete.