Conical Fermenter Pro [with Wireless Controller] + Free Jacket
  • Conical Fermenter Pro [with Wireless Controller] + Free Jacket

    SKU: 10162K5

    The New Conical Fermenter Pro from Grainfather is here!


    We're excited to introduce the latest upgrade to our Conical Fermenter this week!


    Wireless Connectivity

    The Conical Fermenter Pro comes with an upgraded built-in controller with wireless connectivity and improved digital display. This means your customers can now connect the controller to the internet and Grainfather App, and track fermentation with automatic alerts and notifications from wherever - at work, playing golf, fishing...anywhere with an internet connection. 


    Free Insulation Jacket


    We've are giving away a free Insulation Jacket with every purchase of the Conical Fermenter and will continue to do so with the Conical Fermenter Pro! At $74.95 RRP for the Insulation Jacket, that's even more value for money!


    Full list of features for the Conical Fermenter Pro:

    • New controller that’s built into the fermenter with wireless connectivity and improved digital display
    • 30L (7 US Gal) capacity
    • 304 stainless steel, double walled body, for constant and stable temperature control
    • Dual valve tap for easy yeast dumping, transferring, and sampling
    • 30W, 12V heating element inside the cavity of the fermenter, which heats the environment between the fermenter walls, allowing for even/controlled increase in temperature
    • Connect the Cooling Pump Kit or Glycol Chiller to the integrated cooling sleeves that are welded to the two fermenter inner walls for even cooling
    • 60-degree (Golden Angle) cone for optimum yeast/sediment drop down, giving you clearer beer
    • Heating capabilities that can achieve up to 10˚C higher than ambient room temperature*
    • When used with the Cooling Pump Kit or Glycol Chiller, cooling capabilities that can achieve as low as 4˚C*


    *Results will vary depending on the ambient temperature and humidity. Efficiency can be improved when using the Conical Fermenter Pro Insulation Jacket.

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