DUOTIGHT BLOWTIE COMPLETE KIT (Pressure Fermenting / Spunding)

DUOTIGHT BLOWTIE COMPLETE KIT (Pressure Fermenting / Spunding)

SKU: KL09706

This Kit Includes:
1 x Blow Tie Spunding Valve
1 x duotight 8mm tee piece
1 x duotight FFL to 8mm fitting
1 x 8mm Push in 0-15psi Gauge
1 x Premium Ball Lock Disconnect (MFL) Grey/Gas
2 x NEW Black 8mm straight joiner pieces


This kit has been designed for simplicity and ease of putting together. 
If you want to control the pressure retained in a pressure vessel that is releasing pressure then the BlowTie Diaphram Spunding Valve is the tool for the job.
The adjustment knob on the top of the unit makes it easy to increase and decrease the set pressure.
This BlowTie unit can be easily dissassembled for cleaning using a phillips head screw driver.


1. Made from food grade acetal
2. Stainless screws
3. 8mm (5/16") push on both sides
4. 0-15psi pressure rating

Please note: The black joiners are a semi-permanent fitting. You will not be able to remove the fittings easily. If you would like to have a completely removable fitted kit we would suggest using EVABarrier 4mm ID or 5mm ID hose as the joining pieces.

    GST Included