Aquarium Regulator CO2 with Magnetic Solenoid Valve

Aquarium Regulator CO2 with Magnetic Solenoid Valve

SKU: 123123

This Aquarium Regulator with Bubble Counter and Magnetic Solenoid Valve is great to control the flow of CO2 into your fish tank.
With the solenoid valve and bubble ocunter included you calculate the exact flow rate of co2 into your tank.

The magnetic solenoid valve is so that you can use an electrical signal to turn on or off the flow of CO2. This is used with a 24hr timer that will turn your lights on and off in the tank at the same time as the solenoid so you only have CO2 going into the tank when you have lights on.

Compact & sturdy construction.
Dual gauge pressure indicators.
Industrial-grade Precision Needle Valve.
Integrated 220-240V Solenoid (Magnetic) Electrical Valve
Compatible with various size of CO2 Cylinders (from 2.6kg, 6kg, and any other Australian standard CO2 cylinder).
The thread is made according to AU standard (JIS m22-14), 22mm in diameter.

    GST Included