• 4 inch Tri-clover Kegmenter Lid with Ball Lock Posts, Floating Dip tube and PRV

    This lid is so you can convert the 29 and 58L Kegmenters that we sell into either pressure rated fermenters or use the Kegmenters as ball lock kegs.  This lid comes with a red pressure relief valve (that opens at 2.5bar - compatible thread to cornelius type PRVs).  The lid has accurately machined gas and liquid posts. 


    If you would like to purchase the 29 and 58 liter kegmenters they can be purchased here:

    29L Kegmenter

    58L Kegmenter


    This lid is ideally suited to also fermenting under pressure so you can use a spunding valve/adjustable pressure relief valve so you can naturally carbonate during primary fermentation.

    It should be noted that we now make this lid with a 60cm silicon dip tube with a stainless fload.  This innovative design means when you draw liquid from this kegmenter the liquid will always be drawn from the top 2.5cm of liquid meaning only the clearest wort/beer will be drawn from the kegmenter.  This is particulrly useful if you are dispending directly from the fermenter or simply want to separate clear liquid from sediment which has sunken to the bottom of the kegmenter.