• 3D Printed Wrench

    See our convenient two-in-one tool.


    1st Side

    Ever tried taking off a post on your corny keg and never had the right tools near enough to make the job easy. [Will work with Kegland and KegKing new corny keg posts]


    Put this handy tool into your brew box for easy use. Posts dimension to be used on is 17mm


    2nd Side

    Its a two in one special on this item, don't have the right-sized tool to tighten your still head onto your distilling head lid with a 55mm nut. [This works with your Kegland Reflux and Pot still heads]


    Remember this is supposed to help you only hand tighten your lock nut be gentle your seal won't love you if it's over tightened. 



    Come support a young entrepreneur who we are sourcing these from. 


    Proudly a 41 Pints first. 


    Disclaimer: It can break if used in with force and will not be refunded. Please use your steel tools for nuts that are too tight for the placstic.