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These kegs are sold with a limited 7 day warranty. They have not been washed, they will show signs of wear and tear, this is in the nature of 2nd hand equipment which may require some servicing upon arrival.  We do not guarantee these second hand kegs hold pressure on arrival as the old seals might be perished/not function.  We cant stress enough that you need to replace the seals in these kegs.  At a minimum we would expect you would need to replace the seals which can be purchased here:
(Ball Lock Seal Kit for 19L Home Brew Kegs/5 Gallon)

We would recommend that you purchase a replacement pressure release valve that will be compatible with most of the second hand kegs(but not necessarily all of them) that we sell:
(Pressure Relief Valve for Ball Lock Kegs)

You can also purchase completely new keg lids here if the pressure relief valve is not compatible:
(Ball Lock Keg Lid)

Alternatively if you really want to be prepared get the complete seal kit that is a comprehensive seal kit including everything you need:

It's possible that these old kegs can have damaged rubber chimes.  If the old rubber chimes come of or if they get damaged you can use this polyurethane adhesive to stick the chimes back on or repair the chimes.

Please note the kegs rubber parts may come in different colours. Such as Black (standard), Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. These kegs may have a range of pressure relief valves e.g. Ring Pull, Manual or Lever or no PRV. These are randomly chosen from a large stockpile.

For the same above reasons, these kegs won't come with standardised post threads; because the kegs are manufactured by a variety of manufacturers over a wide period of time, they vary from keg-to-keg and the modern 19/32" threaded new Cornelius posts we sell are not guaranteed to fit. However, most posts dont need replacing and a simple o-ring swap is all you need.

If you do not wish to take the risk on purchasing a random 19L Second Hand Ball Lock Keg from our warehouse please purchase a Brand New 19L Ball Lock Keg, these come with a 5 year warranty and guaranteed to be dint free and we guarantee these to seal air tight:
19L Ball Lock Keg - Brand New with 5 Years Warranty


If you are after spare parts for your second hand keg. You may have a different thread type to our 19L New Ball Lock Kegs which are 19/32" Liquid and Gas.

Cornelius Spartan & Super Champion:
Gas 19/32” – 18 Liquid 19/32” – 18

Cornelius R (pin lock):
Gas 19/32” – 18 (2 pin) Liquid 19/32” – 18 (3 pin)

Firestone V Challenger, Firestone VI Challenger, Firestone Super Challenger:
Gas 9/16” – 18 Liquid 5/8” – 18

Firestone A, Firestone R, John Wood RA, John Wood RC (pin lock):
Gas 9/16” – 18 (2-pin) Liquid 9/16” – 18 (3 pin)

John Wood 85, Firestone Challenger:
Gas 11/16” -18 Liquid 3/4’’ – 18

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